The Women of Monaco Life, A series:

MONACO LIFE  – Monaco’s leading English-language news source. Thank-you so much to Monaco Life for this interview… Heidi Fossali Founder SIRÓ Cashmere ML: You were born in the UK, lived in the US for many years and then moved to France. What is your... read more

SIRO scent & sensibility

I remember the smell of my Grandma’s house – I was 4yrs old and I used to go for supper every Wednesday… still to this day that smell can be triggered by various things and I am transported back to those wonderful moments and memories with my Grandma. The power of... read more


Thank-you so much to Alexander Fairweather for this article… Q&A WITH HEIDI FOSSALI, FOUNDER OF SIRO CASHMERE When and how did you initially become interested in health and wellness/fitness? I have been interested in health and fitness ever since I can... read more

SIRO surprise!

Receiving your SIRO cashmere delivery is a sensory and emotional surprise. I don’t know about you but I am driven by emotion… memories of days and nights on the Riviera. I want to share this with all SIRO lovers out there :))  I personally designed this beautiful... read more

Adopt a dolphin? & why not!!

I had a wonderful evening at the 4th annual cocktail party in aid of WWF – Sir Stelios and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. €192,000 was raised to support the work of safeguarding the ‘Pelagos Sanctuary’ and the Mediterranean!!! ….yahoo!  ... read more

Holy Grail?

You thought you were looking for that ‘perfect’ pair of blue jeans but nooooo… it’s that buttery soft cashmere T-shirt that’s the Holy Grail… a T-shirt that fits perfectly, flatters and hugs all your best bits and skims the less popular areas! It’s super light and... read more

The ‘Simplicity of Luxury’

             Home I wanted to create a world and wardrobe that incorporated the ‘simplicity of luxury’ two of my favourite words. A simple luxury tee-shirt collection. There begins the story of SIRO Cashmere. I designed this small capsule collection... read more

I met a Prince!!

   What an honour to meet Prince Albert II of Monaco! This was a wonderful evening at the Monaco Yacht Club – an evening to award the US Celebrity team the U.S. Monaco Celebrity Cup trophy. A photo ‘hugging’ the original Ryder Cup trophy was super... read more

JETPACK… I gave it a go!!

  You probably will have seen one of these in a sci-fi movie now the Martin Jetpack has been developed over the past 35 yrs by a New Zealand firm. It is a personal jetpack and costs $150,000. The Martin Jetpack runs on a V4 200 horsepower petrol engine that... read more

Sexy six pack??

  With regards to the aesthetic value –  ITS 80% DIET and 20% EXERCISE!! I know you have heard that before but it is TRUE!!   I eat a ‘clean’ vegetable and protein based diet. BUT more importantly its about a strong, balanced and functional... read more

MONACO Top Marques = Supercars + super everything!!

  WATCH MY VIDEO   Simply WOW!! – indulgent, excessive & impressive –   the Principality of Monaco is home to Top Marques – an annual event held at the Grimaldi Forum… this year was the 13th edition and it seems was the “best one... read more


    CIRCUIT TRAINING burns 30% more calories than your average strength or aerobic exercise. By combining strength and aerobic exercises you can blast your body with cardio and strength exercises… set your stopwatch for 1 minute, do as many reps as poss then... read more

KICK START your confidence!!   I will be posting blogs, videos and ‘stuff’ for those ladies out there, of any age, with a desire to be the best version of THEMSELVES!! I am not saying I have all the answers... read more


   I would like to create and present a reality tv series:- The recipe… Mix a full measure of ‘Loose Women’ Fold in a hearty helping of ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ Layer and add to taste ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of... read more

Create with me…

     WATCH THIS – YOU WILL LOVE IT – I feel very strongly about this subject about how one sees oneself and ones self esteem and perception of appearance – self worth and self value …. can we make a TV series around this... read more

SShhh!!…my skin secrets!

  Ok ladies… here it is! THE best skincare line you will EVER need, buy or use… my go-to skincare for the past 9 years. At the airport yesterday, heading to London, I bought my inflight read which ALWAYS includes Hello Magazine, inside I found this article... read more

Intention is everything!!!

     Put the following list on your :- refrigerator door, bathroom mirror and dashboard in your car… Wake up Get in the zone Get moving Put the right food in your body (you should know by now!) Get ready Get inspired Get perspective Do something to move you... read more

Rock what you’ve got…!!

If there’s one thing I know its… “blow your own trumpet in life because no one else will do it for you!!” Decide what your goal is no matter what, where, why or how much… commit to it and take the first step. ‘Make your future dream... read more

Heidi believes we all have an inbuilt "WOW" factor!!

Sometimes ‘its’ front and centre… other times ‘it’ crawls along like a de-hydrated dog with its tongue hanging out… and often ‘its’ slipped so far down the ladder of life that it would take some nuclear event to raise it from the ashes!!

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